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Ear Candy #2 … and some Eye (popping!) Candy, too!

Music that’s been making me happy…:


Apparently this Belgium dance-music crew likes its retro-disco danced to a modern island-y beat, and I love that they do. This glossy beaut manages to be a coke-high and a weed come-down all at once, like Sly & Robbie & Grace found a lost Silver Convention track and dressed it up for a rocking party in the 21st century…


Girls is lo-fi as power pop, though at their Myspace page they describe themselves as “tropical/gothic/trash.” Fair enough. Their “Lust for Life” isn’t brand new, but I discovered this San Francisco band recently, and I can say, I was thrilled to find out the song wasn’t some shoegazing retread of Iggy’s classic tune. No, this is all coy pop hedonism-love song stuff, with a sense of fun and longing that pours right out of the ringing guitars and the snotty hi-teen vocals…and I love a song with hand-claps…They made an x-rated version of the video which is QUITE raw, with LOTS of nudity, including plenty of  bare breasts and at least one shot of a hard dick being used as a microphone…definitely NSFW…but fun as fuck, and I think better the tone and energy of the song…Here’s the original version:

You can see the x-rated one here: NSFW: Girls’ “Lust for Life” Video Hardcore XXX Version.


And just because I have to, and just because I didnt much care for the “Tightrope” song in its original incarnation, I have to include this remix video of the ArchAndroid first single, featuring B.o.B. and Lupe Fiasco. And also because it might be sexiest vid since Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and because Janelle strikes the right kind of poses—going from rapper to supermodel with just a shoulder bend, hands on hips, and a blink and stare…haughtiness never seemed so crazy down-to-earth and real. LOVE HER. (And, yo, who’s the mysterious guitarist in the background? Is that who I THINK it is???)


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The SPB Q: Lloyd Boston

Quote of the Day: “You’re never fully dressed without a smile…” from Annie

Lloyd Boston is one of the most sought after style mavens on the scene today. But I remember when he was an up-and-coming young designer working for the House of Hilfiger back in the 90s. Lloyd’s one of those great guys, always ready with a smile and kind word–one of those kats who “makes it” and you feel really good to support him in whatever he wants to do. Even my mother–who you know is a real good judge of character if you read SCOTT TOPICS regularly–said, when she saw him on Oprah, “That Boston guy seems like a sweet young man.” His books include the bestselling Men of Color and Before You Put That On.
After years of plying his talents as a Style Guy on such popular outlets as The Today Show, The View, and New York’s Full Frontal Fashion, Lloyd is about to launch a new fashion advice show on The Fine Living Network, called Closet Cases. It debuts April 13. I’m sure it will include Lloyd’s personal blend of good humor, compassion, and the ability to help make almost any body look good. Fashion flunky that I am, I’ll be there, watching closely. So should you.

Name: Lloyd Boston, Jr.

Hometown: New Brunswick, NJ

Zodiac sign: Gemini (one twin love suits, one loves sweats).

Favorite book: The Autobiography of Malcolm X changed me, and made me proud to enter a room and do my best to own it—any room.

Favorite author: James Baldwin

Favorite movie:
If I want to cry, Philadelphia
If I want soul, Mahogany
If I want camp, Mommie Dearest
If I want to suspense, Fatal Attraction
If I want fashion, Mildred Pierce

Favorite song: Can’t choose one. Songs in the Key of Life, the entire album.

Favorite word: Sadly, my favorite word–honestly–is SALE. I get tingles, and go running to the back of any store. Shallow but true.

Favorite designer: Kind of partial to Tommy Hilfiger, because he raised me in this industry—and gave me my first break. But today, it would be Michael Kors (And I have never seen a full episode of Project Runway—he had me at hello).

Favorite visual artist: Loving Charly Palmer lately. But this changes, depending on my mood.

Favorite store to shop in: J.Crew, since I still feel like a preppy, Catholic schoolboy on the inside. Whole Foods comes in second, since I am a foodie.

Career High: So far, spending a full hour on the sofa as Oprah’s main guest. Before that, it was my first book signing, hosted by Quincy Jones and Tommy Hilfiger in Beverly Hills.

Life High: New Year’s on the beach in Rio, five years straight! I’ll be that tanned, crazy guy in a bikini, making earrings on the beach in 40 years, for good.

You’re on a desert island and can only have 5 books OR movies OR CDs shipped in to you. What are they?:

I would have music. Music will inspire me to write my own books, paint my own pictures, and recall the best films. The CDs would be:

Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder
Donny Hathaway’s Greatest Hits
Mama’s Gun by Erykah Badu
Patti Labelle, Patti Labelle (the solo debut album)
Dreamgirls, Original Broadway Cast Recording

Your favorite quote: It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”  — John Cassis

WayBack Wednesdays will appear tomorrow…It’s a fun one, so, as Chaka (and Bobby Womack before her) said, “stop on by”…

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