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Weekend Round-up (Kinks, Links & Hijinks)

{All the World’s a Stage}: My old college friend Lynn Nottage has been rocking the theater world with her brilliance with such plays as Intimate Apparel and the Pulitzer-prize winning Ruined, both powerfully dramatic pieces. Her new play, due in NYC next season, seems to be heading in a more comic direction: [PLAYBILL]


Here’s Venus, in her Tina Turner-inspired mini-dress at Wimbledon. I’m really just posting about this cause I think homegirl is so fly, but also as an excuse to put some vid of Tina and the Ikettes on my blog, you know, burden of influence and all that…That said—and I say this as a Negro who loves dance, but hates to see Negroes dancing for food/clothes/cars or detergent in bad TV commercials (remember this? or this?)—wouldn’t it be cool if Venus broke into a fierce ol’ Pony after she (hopefully) wins the big prize next week, and wowwed the Brits like Tina did herself back in the Swingin’ 60s?

Here’s Tina (catch the dress) and the Ikettes, opening a show in ’71:

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