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MONDAY: Boys (Still) Behaving Badly…

Quote of the Day: “I don’t like this groove/Try and give me something I can croon to…” “Nasty Girl” by Vanity Six

No comment on Chris Brown, and the “accident” that prevented Rihanna from being at the Grammys last night. I’ll comment on that at a later date. Don’t sleep…

That said, let’s get to something fun, something strange, and something hilariously stereotypical to start our Monday…

Remember those hunky Marines doing that funny/sexy/sorta awkward Cha-Cha thing last week? Well, apparently their Army counterparts are trying to one-up their seafaring friends. Apparently the Army guys’ slogan must be Simper Fedelis, from what I can tell by this video making the Internet rounds. (For the record, I used to LOVE “Don’t Stop Believin’”…Now, with The Sopranos using it in the finale (clip here), and this…it seems like everybody’s favorite cheesy rock ballad. Or, at least, everyone’s sorta coming out the closet about loving it…) 

Are these guys for real? Maybe they should have been singing Styx’s “Too Much Time on My Hands”…?

Okay, so male strippers/porn star couple Jordan and Aden Jaric fly into Boston to do a show at a local club. They’re important. They’re expected. They’re necessary to the cultural life of any city, right? They even have a blog…So what do they get? A police escort, apparently. And a local patrolman is in hot water. Don’t ask, don’t escort…Watch the news story below:

And then there’s The Real World, MTV’s long-running soap of ambitious, angsty twentysomethings who manage to have sex on the brain and yet seem to have no brains in their heads. That’s an amazing physical feat, isn’t it? Anyway, in this clip from the current season, which takes place in Brooklyn USA, a Mormon guy seems fascinated by the Latino guy’s use of Magnum condoms—but it’s what the other white kid says, straight-faced and plain-spoken, that got to me. (Thanks to M for sending me this; To M: No I’m not sad I wrote a book called HUNG, and all the “hung” stuff I get in the mail as a result of it…and no, I never get tired about hearing about the fascination so many white dudes have for colored cock…it makes me laugh!)

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