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“We make a mean team, my Adidas and me…”

Reportedly—and Internet Luddite that I be, who knew such things were even measured?—Adidas is apparently, in the wake of World Cup (and maybe Wimbledon, I’d suggest?), beating Nike in the social media buzz world. Or at least FastCompany says so…The two sneakers you see above, the Stan Smith and the Rod Laver, are, in my opinon—other than some Air Jordans I rocked in the 90s, and the suede black Pumas I wore throughout high school in the 80s—the greatest sneakers ever made. To quote another Run-D.M.C. song, I may not “want nobody’s name on my behind,” but I’ve never been mad at having Sirs Smith or Laver on my feet. Their sneakers live on. Created for tennis, but wearable with everything. Made for men. Elegant. Tasteful. Classics.

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