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Ear Candy #2 … and some Eye (popping!) Candy, too!

Music that’s been making me happy…:


Apparently this Belgium dance-music crew likes its retro-disco danced to a modern island-y beat, and I love that they do. This glossy beaut manages to be a coke-high and a weed come-down all at once, like Sly & Robbie & Grace found a lost Silver Convention track and dressed it up for a rocking party in the 21st century…


Girls is lo-fi as power pop, though at their Myspace page they describe themselves as “tropical/gothic/trash.” Fair enough. Their “Lust for Life” isn’t brand new, but I discovered this San Francisco band recently, and I can say, I was thrilled to find out the song wasn’t some shoegazing retread of Iggy’s classic tune. No, this is all coy pop hedonism-love song stuff, with a sense of fun and longing that pours right out of the ringing guitars and the snotty hi-teen vocals…and I love a song with hand-claps…They made an x-rated version of the video which is QUITE raw, with LOTS of nudity, including plenty of  bare breasts and at least one shot of a hard dick being used as a microphone…definitely NSFW…but fun as fuck, and I think better the tone and energy of the song…Here’s the original version:

You can see the x-rated one here: NSFW: Girls’ “Lust for Life” Video Hardcore XXX Version.


And just because I have to, and just because I didnt much care for the “Tightrope” song in its original incarnation, I have to include this remix video of the ArchAndroid first single, featuring B.o.B. and Lupe Fiasco. And also because it might be sexiest vid since Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and because Janelle strikes the right kind of poses—going from rapper to supermodel with just a shoulder bend, hands on hips, and a blink and stare…haughtiness never seemed so crazy down-to-earth and real. LOVE HER. (And, yo, who’s the mysterious guitarist in the background? Is that who I THINK it is???)


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"Crazy" Love…

Quote of the Day: “Who do you, who do you/who do you/who do you/who do you think you are?” — Gnarls Barkley, “Crazy”

Here is the best video I’ve seen in YEARS, Gnarls Barkley‘s “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul”, directed by Chris Milk…(shout-out to Stefan for pointing it out; you can enjoy good music at his Old Airport Road blog here.)

The below video is not for the squeamish…but I will say, we’ve all probably been there at some point…

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Video. Video. Video.

Quote of the Day: “Working Monday through Friday/Takes up all of my time/If I can get to the weekend/Everything will work out just fine…” Madonna, “Where’s the Party”

Just some obsverations as the weekend kicks in (click links to see videos):

  • Rihanna’s “Disturbia” video really, uh, disturbs me. Have you seen a more unrelentingly shallow example of abject style over substance? And don’t get a brotha started on that pseudo-voguing display of attitude she indulges in that Maroon 5 video…Didn’t any of these daughters of Madonna learn anything from Mama?
  • Finally saw the “Viva la Vida” video and I love it like I love marshmallow pies: nice to see Coldplay looking like they know how to have fun. But maybe that’s because Hype Williams is working his magic on them?

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