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The Future Is Now

Quote of the Day: “I’ve seen the future and it will be/I’ve seen the future and it works…” — Prince, “The Future”

It’s 2:45 in the morning and I’m sitting here, cracking up, watching The Jeffersons on channel 11. It’s the one where Billy Dee Williams stops by and Florence doesn’t believe that the man in the apartment is really Billy Dee. Helen Willis can barely get a word out of her mouth. And she and Louise both have blue flowers in their hair, a la the gardenia that Diana wore as Lady Holiday in Lady Sings the Blues. I’m sitting here waiting for Florence to realize it really is Billy Dee—she reminds me, in her rush of fanatic excitement, of Wilma Flintstone when she met Tony, er, Stony Curtis.

Haven’t been blogging in a bit. Mainly because I’ve been spending so much time doing what I’m doing now, watching too much TV. When I’m not writing at least. Trying to finish a new book while continuing to do press for HUNG. But I think I’m back in the mix now, things seem to be calming down a bit around here as I try to figure out what I’m gonna do in March. Should I go down to Miami and chill? Or should I head west, back to the East Bay, where I had such a ball on tour late last year. As long as I’m back in NYC for baseball season to start up, I could go anywhere. Have laptop, will travel, that’s my motto…


Been reading some. Loving a book called California Girl, by T. Jefferson Parker. It’s an expansive family saga wrapped up in a mystery surrounding the death of a young woman in 60s Orange County. Fascinating stuff, expertly written, thought-provoking and real. I’d been looking forward to this book, mainly because Parker’s the author of what might be one of my most favorite novels of the last 10 years, a smart, beautiful, sad, page-turning thriller named Silent Joe. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys the mystery field and good solid writing in general. On the stack to follow the Parker are Michael Connelly’s The Closers and Daniel Silva’s Prince of Fire.


So. I been thinking about doing the teaching thing. I think I want to get affiliated with a college somewhere and teach some of the next generation what little I know about writing and race and life. When I was in college, the thought never occurred to me to want to stand in front a bunch of eager young faces, imparting wisdom to them, shaping their points of view. But now I think it might be fun. And inspiring. And crazy. In a good way, of course. Since being on the road with HUNG, doing talks and discussions, I think it might be cool to share some of the experiences I’ve had in the journalism trenches, trying to find a voice, trying to find an outlet for my words. And based on the tons of email I get from kids, there’s a bunch of aspiring writers out there looking for guidance. Any folks out there with any ideas about me doing this teaching thing, I welcome them…


THE RETURN OF THE HI-FI Q: I am very happy to report that the next HI FI Q quiz book will be available VERY soon! This time we’re doing shorter versions of the original book, self-publishing it ourselves, and it will be available in different editions: r&b, hiphop, rock, pop…The first new edition, the r&b version, will be available March 1. Anyone interested in buying a copy, stay tuned to the SPB Q for more information, re payment etc…Just warning those of you who plowed through the first one–the questions are MUCH HARDER this time around…it’s for real die-hard aficianados and those who need to stump them…

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