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Idol Talk

Well, another 4 went home tonight. Can’t say I’m mad at the choices…Haeley Vaughn does need some experience; John Park wasn’t really connecting to his odd song choices; Michelle Delamor was crazy cute but a little, um, pitchy; and Jermaine…girl, don’t you know that you do not bring up religion on American Idol? Remember Mandisa? She went home the week she sang a gospel song. Remember Carly? She went home the week she sang “Jesus Christ Superstar” for Broadway week. And they were good! I’m not saying that you shouldn’t stick by your beliefs–I more than respect that–but whatever side of the line you fall on, when it comes to religious themes and attitudes on AI, you’re always gonna turn off somebody.

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I’m Blogging Again…

Yo peeps…SCOTT TOPICS has moved over from Blogger to this new site at WordPress. Hope you’re interested enough to follow me over here. I’ll be posting, like before, about popular culture and sex and life, with an added dash of politics and grad school endeavors…Stop on by. Tell ya friends. Have some fun…!

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