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Book ‘Em, Dano

Quote of the Day: “It’s no use, he sees her/He starts to shake and cough/Just like the old man in/That book by Nabokov…” The Police, “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”

A bit o’ news and notes:

  • The End of the (Literary?) World as We Know It?: According to, CSI creater Anthony Zuiker just got a big check from Dutton to create a new line of thriller novels that will be a “publishing hybrid that broadens traditional book reading into a multiplatform experience that includes filmed components and an interactive social networking site.” They’re calling them, ahem, “digital novels”. Zuiker reportedly came up with the idea to do this because, after setting out to write a crime novel, he realized he didn’t have, ahem, “the attention economy to read a 250-page crime novel from start to finish…” Hmmm. A writer admits to not being able to read a short novel and is being paid millions to, uh, write one? I guess millions of dollars erase the embarrassment gene…

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"Crazy" Love…

Quote of the Day: “Who do you, who do you/who do you/who do you/who do you think you are?” — Gnarls Barkley, “Crazy”

Here is the best video I’ve seen in YEARS, Gnarls Barkley‘s “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul”, directed by Chris Milk…(shout-out to Stefan for pointing it out; you can enjoy good music at his Old Airport Road blog here.)

The below video is not for the squeamish…but I will say, we’ve all probably been there at some point…

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