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Idol Talk

Well, another 4 went home tonight. Can’t say I’m mad at the choices…Haeley Vaughn does need some experience; John Park wasn’t really connecting to his odd song choices; Michelle Delamor was crazy cute but a little, um, pitchy; and Jermaine…girl, don’t you know that you do not bring up religion on American Idol? Remember Mandisa? She went home the week she sang a gospel song. Remember Carly? She went home the week she sang “Jesus Christ Superstar” for Broadway week. And they were good! I’m not saying that you shouldn’t stick by your beliefs–I more than respect that–but whatever side of the line you fall on, when it comes to religious themes and attitudes on AI, you’re always gonna turn off somebody.

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Thursday Free-For-All

Quote of the Day: “Sing your life/Any fool can think of words that rhyme…” — “Sing Your Life” by Morrissey

Thursday is info day at SCOTT TOPICS…I like to share all the news I hear about with you busy people who have better things to do than read the tabs and surf the net! Well, not better, but probably better-paid!

Anyway, where do we start?

With American Idol? Were Randy and Simon serious about giving that Bikini Girl so many chances? I mean, I know she’d make a good Replacement Pussycat Doll, but come on, already, she ain’t even that cute, using her “looks” as she does to get to the next level of the competition. Good thing that drama finally came to an end last night

Here’s her original audition:

But what bothered me even more than the caveman antics of the guys was Paula acting like a thin voice and good body didn’t do it for her 35 years ago. Earth to Paula: You. Were. A. Laker Girl! Sure you could dance, but don’t act like you didn’t sell some sizzle when you were climbing the ladder—and don’t act like that kat Ace a coupla seasons ago didn’t get through cause he turned you on and turned you out! Okay…rant done, soapbox set on fire. For all those real AI fans who loved Elliot Yamin as much as I did, he has a new website with music etc, that you should check out. It’s fun. Go here to experience it.

Or Ugly Betty? She may be be getting “hiatus-ed” as they say in TV Land but before that happens Betty’s getting a new love interest—and he’s coming with Mommy Issues, apparently. Why else would they cast that great, sarcastic, urbane, firecracker of Lady-dom—Christine Baranski—to play his Mama? Baranski’s the best, kids, and will surely strike up some sparks with any and every character she encounters. More info here

Or Christian Bale’s on-set tirade? (Which you might have heard here.) His mother has commented. She understands his anger. He’s a perfectionist. Guess Mom is just prepping for the next family dinner. I’d hate to be there if he’s not feeling her Yorkshire Pudding.

Or Hottie and Sophomore Undercover, the two YA novels I’m most looking forward to this year? Hottie’s about a cool Beverly Hills princess who ends up a fire-shooting superhero, and was written by an old buddy from the SPIN mag days, wit-about-town Jonathan Bernstein (who blogs here). Sophomore Undercover sounds like the late, lamented Veronica Mars if VM was an adopted Vietnamese kid who fancies himself an investigative reporter. Ben Esch, Sophomore’s author has some interesting ideas about book marketing using video games.

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