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Sex, VIPs, and Terence Howard

Quote of the Day: “Come on and touch it, I know U will love it/
With it I know that heaven’s a butterfly kiss away…” — “Lovesexy”, Prince

Hey kids. I’m happy to report that Cleis Publishers has released Best Sex Writing 2008, a collection of essays and stuff edited by the fabulous Rachel Kramer Bussel. Rachel was very supportive of my book HUNG when it came out a few years ago and she was gracious and cool enough to include a chapter from HUNG in this new compilation. If you’ve read HUNG you probably remember the chapter about Lexington Steele, the porn star with the 11 inch dick. But pick up the book anyway, there’s some great stuff in there (and the cover’s way sexy)…

I’ve been getting emails from peeps since I’ve announced that my new novel The VIPs will be released by Doubleday Books in Spring 2009. I’ll give you some more details soon about the exact plot of the novel, but til then you should just know that it’s very influenced by the page-turning books I loved when I was a teenager in the 80s, like Scruples and Hollywood Wives: lots of characters, sexy shenanigans, intrigue, betrayal—yup, it’s loads of fun. At least, I should say, it has been loads of fun to create. It’s a globetrotter of a story, taking place in the Hamptons, Manhattan, Miami and London. It’s about four guys who shared a few summers in Sag Harbor in the early 80s and are now Very Important People, or so they like to think. Then the past comes back to bite them all in their asses. I’m excited to finally be done; hope you get excited to read it.

Well, I’m back in Providence. Getting ready for classes to start next week. Looks like I’ll be spending a few days with Terence Howard in a coupla weeks; I’m interviewing him for GIANT magazine (click through and go check out the new site; it’s hot). Chilling with Terence Howard should be fun. He and I shared a drink and some chat at the Dreamgirls premiere last year. He seemed like a nice guy. Hopefully I’ll get to sit in on some rehearsals for the forthcoming Broadway production of Cat On a Hot Tin Roof, in which he’ll play Brick. Fingers crossed. I love me some Tennessee Williams…and I can only imagine the kind of heat Terrence and Anika Noni Rose (playing the one and only Maggie the Cat) will create onstage…I love when Maggie calls Gooper and Sister Woman”s kids “no-neck monsters”…don’t you????

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Back to Blogging

Quote of the Day: “I’ve been waiting for the longest time/I want you to come back/Maybe if the sun would shine/It’d bring my happy back…” Josh Rouse, “Comeback (Light Therapy)”

The day has come. Inspired by my return to Brown University for school; by John Robin Baitz’s entries at The Huffington Post; by making new friends; by preparations for the publication of a new book—I have returned to blogging. It just might stick this time.

Not much to report today—too busy catching up on old episodes of HOUSE, MD—but I’m back, kids. Maybe better than ever, maybe not, but definitely back. I’ve missed it and I’ve missed you. Hopefully you’re still out there, interested in reading what I have to write about. If so, come on back by tomorrow for the update.


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