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The Laugh Factory

Quote of the day: “Lighted, lighted, laughing in tune…” — “Laughing”, R.E.M.

Some funny moments from some of my favorite sitcoms from back in the day. Hope you get a few chuckles to start the New Year…
Designing Women, “The Beauty Contest” (1986), in which Julia Sugarbaker has to tell off the current Miss Georgia, who’s been making fun of Suzanne, a (the?) former Miss Georgia…Vicki Lawrence couldn’t have said these lines better (you’ll get that one after you watch the clip–I hope!)
I Love Lucy, “Paris at Last” (1956), in which Lucy’s finally in Paris, but somehow gets caught with counterfeit money. Watch it; it’s self-explanatory…and hilarious…(for diehards, there’s a similar situation in an earlier episode in London, when Lucy plays translator between Ricky’s Cuban-accented English and an English aristocrat’s clipped Britishisms…)
The Jeffersons, “Me and Billy Dee” (1978), in which some typical George Jefferson shenanigans have resulted in Billy Dee Williams showing up at the Jefferson’s home…and everyone knows that Florence (the maid) is Billy Dee Williams’s Number One Fan. (My favorite detail: check out the gardenias in Louise and Helen Willis’s hair…like Billie Holiday…) Everytime I see this episode I think of The Flintstones episode where Wilma meets Stony (aka Tony) Curtis, and starts running all over the house muttering “Stony Curtis…Stony Curtis…!”
Golden Girls, “Sick and Tired” (1989), in which Blanche decides she’s going to write a book, because her life is like a romance novel…mind, as you watch, that she’s told the other “girls” that she “could write one in her sleep.” Hilarity ensues…(and a question: would you hear this many cultural/literary references played for laughs in a sitcom today??? Better yet, are there even any sitcoms on TV today???)

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