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Streak of the Week

Quote of the Day: “The king is altogether as naked as the day he was born…” “The King’s New Clothes” from Hans Christian Andersen

So apparently some guy decided to streak across the court during the Williams sisters’ doubles match the other day. There are pics on the Net, if you like to see what TV usually won’t show you. After the jump there’s a link to pics of the dude. WARNING: Don’t go if the nude male body distracts or repulses or annoys or scares you! Just sayin

(This whole situation sorta reminds me of a rather coarse (but funny) buddy of mine who said, after Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction a few years ago, “You know whose wardrobe malfunction I’d like to see? Serena Williams’.” Like that would ever happen…)

The pics (care of

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