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Welcome to the World of HUNG

Quote of the Day: “You’ll never find/ As long as you live/Someone who’ll love you/The way that I do…” — Lou Rawls, “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine”

Yo, what up my peoples…I’m back after a looooong break from blogging while I did HUNG press and finished a new book–my novel, entitled RICH RELATIONS (more news to come about that soon)!…Thanks for coming back…I’m doing the Wendy Williams show on WBLS today, which is cool…Wendy invited me back to chill after we had a laugh or two chatting there last time. Haven’t seen Wendy since her Dons & Divas Ball, which was a complete blast (including my first-ever “walk on the red carpet”)…In anticipation of Wendy, I thought I’d post this conversation I had with myself about HUNG, asking myself some of the questions others have asked (or considered asking) me over the last couple of months.

So how did you get the idea to write a book called HUNG?
I met a friend of a friend—a black guy—and when that new friend found out that I’d interviewed some athletes (Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman, Shaquille O’Neal, Scottie Pippen) over the course of my journalism career, the first thing he said was this: “I bet you saw some big dicks in the locker room.”

I kid you not.

I met another friend of a friend—a straight white guy—who told me, in no uncertain terms, that black men are much definitely better endowed than white men and thus more desirable to women. I met another friend of a friend—a white woman—who told me that her black ex-boyfriend’s penis was so big it was like a baby’s arm. She flopped her lower arm around to emphasize her point.

Basically I realized that the size of black men’s dicks and what we do with them–black male sexuality in general–is something people from many different social, cultural, and racial groups find fascinating. Heck, even the New York Times magazine did a cover story about brothers on the DL. People in general just seem to be interested in how black dudes, uh, swing. So I figured it was a subject people might want to read a book about. Doubleday bought the book. And the world will be able to read my thoughts about it starting on October 11.

What kind of research did you do for the book?
I spent a ton of time looking in the mirror….psych…only kidding. Ha ha, picture that. My research was this: I’ve lived thirty-some-odd years in America as a black dude. I interviewed a lot of people. I watched a lot of porn. That part was fun.

Were you seeking to be controversial?
Not really. Yes, the book has some controversial stuff in it—actually it has a lot of controversial stuff in it, from what I’ve been told, but that might just be from peole who equate anything to do with sex as “controversial”. But that’s only because most of the interviews I did for the book provided some controversial statements. Then again, maybe they didn’t. (That’s my Judy Blume reference for the day. Stick around me for a little while and you’ll see that I make a bunch of them–Judy is a goddess.) It’s all in your point of view, I guess. I just wanted to keep it real and tell it like I saw it.

Who did you interview for HUNG?
Hung guys. Extremely hung guys. Not-so-hung guys. Girls who like hung guys. Guys who like hung guys. Girls and guys who don’t like hung guys. Black guys, white guys, black women and white women. I interviewed porn icon Lexington Steele. I interviewed pro ball players. A male hustler. Basically, people from every walk of life. If I thought that they might have something interesting to offer about the subject, I sat them down and put on the tape recorder or took a lot of notes. And before you ask, all the names have been changed to protect the innocent…and the guilty.

Does size matter?
I’ve always gone by something I wrote in an article back when I was in college: When it comes to wood, if you will, one man’s log is another man’s toothpick—it all depends on the orifice it’s penetrating. So to speak.

In other words, when it comes to sex, some people need their partners to be well-hung so they can get off, some others don’t. It’s all about what gets you off. Although, I will say that I believe, sexually-speaking, a good skill set gets you further in life than a big dick does. Many people told me that extremely big penises look a lot better than they actually feel.

Are you hung?
Other than the white chick who thought I should have been packing 9 inches? No, I’ve never had any complaints…not to my face, at least.

Any questions from you people out there? Shout me out…


HUNG‘s been getting some good press attention lately, and I’m grateful for it, belee that. I did an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine yesterday that went really well. That should be on newstands in March; check it out.
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