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Notes and News…

Quote of the Day: “This is what it sounds like when doves cry…” Prince, “When Doves Cry”

Some news and notes for the day:

*  So, that nasty old NY Post cartoonist apparently wrote–get this!–a children’s book once upon a time, a King Midas-style tale about a rat or something. Seems appropriate right, considering his apparent love of animals. Seems some peeps on are letting him know that he ain’t right…Read the story here
*   Uhm, didn’t SCOTT TOPICS pretty much make this point about Beyonce a few months ago? Yeh, pretty much. But we certainly didn’t make THIS point about Sasha Fierce…oh well. I think I can go with it. Willi Ninja, RIP
* I have this friend, a new, very good one, named Ivan Anderson. He’s gonna be a rock star in a few years, take my word for it. This is about Ivan’s Mom, though. She’s actress Leslie Ayvazian, who, it turns, out guested on one of my VERY FAVORITE episodes of Law & Order. It was called “Homesick”. It was the one where a baby gets poisoned and the detectives think the British au pair did it, but the baby’s father had a bitter ex-wife and a son, and Patti LuPone played opposing counsel, and Kim Raver played the super-chic NEW wife (and the baby’s mother) who was more career-girl than good mother, and…well I won’t give it away if you haven’t seen it. But it’s a goodie.
I tell you all that to say that Leslie Ayvazian is a playwright, too, most famously known perhaps for Nine Armenians. And her new play is going up at the Atlantic Theater Company this year! It’s called Make Me, and it sounds hot. Read more about it here…Congrats, Ivan’s Mom!

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