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Links and Hijinks: Mad Men “origins”, “new” James Baldwin, True Blood’s Lafayette, & More Mel…

{Just a few tidbits til tomorrow…}

  • Mad Mad Mad Mad (Men) World: Next Sunday’s the day we find out what’s up with Don Draper and the gang on Mad Men…I certainly cannot wait to see what’s up a year after last year’s stunning finale. So, in honor of that return, here’s a question: is the hit show based on a 60s comic strip that no one remembers? Vanity Fair seems, jokingly,  to think so
  • New Blood: Does Nelsan Ellis, the great young, Julliard-trained actor who plays the incredible and ground-breaking character Lafayette on the terribly retrogressive (yet oddly compelling) True Blood, suffer from the typical “scared-to-play-gay” syndrome? Sure seems that way in this otherwise cute conversation between him and the crazy hot Kevin Alejandro (who I’m sorta, um, gaga for—you see what I did there?) on the set of the HBO show:

  • Sweet Baby James: And last but TRULY not least: At coffee with the calm, crazy-cool Tufts professor Christina Sharpe the other day, we agreed on the greatness that is Mr James Baldwin, chatting about his famous response to Norman Mailer with the brilliant essay “The Black Boy Looks at the White Boy”—read it YESTERDAY if you’ve never done so; you can find it in this book or this one. I walked away from that coffee date not even knowing that there’s a new collection of James’ uncollected writings, The Cross of Redemption, edited and with an intro by author Randall Kenan, being published in August! (I won’t tell you about the cartwheels I was doing about this when the guys showed up to put in my air conditioner the other day; but it was more fun than embarrassing.) If you’re a Baldwin compleatist like me, this is like Manna from wherever Heaven is, and I can’t wait to get my copy. It’ll go on the shelf next to the French import of Harlem Quartet, the final Baldwin “novel” Professor Gates gave me (which has only been published in France—hopefully that’ll see the light of an American day soon…more on that in a later post…)

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Links & HiJinks: New Roald Dahl, Duchovny…and Gaga’s (still) a Man?

Just some things I came across this week on the Internets that I found funny or interesting:

  • {New Roald Dahl?}: I love Dahl‘s stuff; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘s one the books that made me wanna be a writer; many of his brilliant short stories (which I found later) almost made me want to give up the craft. But I remained completely in thrall to Dahl’s mix of the mundane and the fantastic, and his way with unexpected twists of character and plot made me a fan for life. Now, in honor of Roald Dahl month (September 13—I also loved that he was a Virgo, like me), Penguin is publishing some “splendiferous” secrets of the great writer! Click here for more…

  • {Duchovny! Live!}: Californication stud David Duchovny‘s about to make his NY stage debut in Break of Noon, a new off-Broadway play by Neil LaBute, which, I think, is completely appropriate for Duchovny’s smarter-than-us, sorta-above-it-all acting style—not that there’s anything wrong with it; believe me, I’m a fan. Opening in October, more of the story here
  • {Gaga Goes Guyville?}: A site is reporting that Lady Gaga—the greatest pop star of the moment…Yeah, I said it!—is posing as a guy in a new fashion spread in Vogue Hommes Japan…If it’s not her, she’s definitely got a fraternal twin somewhere in the fashion community…See the pics and read the tale here
  • {On the Cover}: I’ve been recently dealing with some issues around the cover of my novel which comes out next summer. And probably because of that I’ve been paying even more attention lately to the covers of recent novels, just to see what’s out there, what’s working, what’s not working, etc…Came across the following cover and my mind exploded. How great is this:

Clean, evocative, a little scary, definitely catches one’s eye…to find out more about the book, click here

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