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One More Thing about Tantrums…

Quote of the Day: Button your lip, baby/Button your coat/Lets go out dancing/Go for the throat…” “Mixed Emotions” by the Rolling Stones

I know the Christian Bale rant is sorta old news, but it still makes me laugh like a deranged, masochistic 4-year-old getting tickled by his favorite aunt.

This clip combines two of my favorite things, Christian Bale’s on-set breakdown and The Family Guy.

This is remix culture at it’s best, as far as I’m concerned, snide, funny, a little mean…fabulous!

Listen up!

I promise, after the original, after the lady in the airport, and now today, there will be no more tantrum posts…Well, not until the next one…!

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NOT Leaving on a Jet Plane

So apparently this woman missed her flight. And she lets the whole world know just how pissed and upset she is, throwing a tantrum that rivals only Christian Bale in loudness, length, and intensity.

I wonder where she was trying to get to? Her only daughter’s wedding? Her only son’s graduation from law school? A twentieth high school reunion? The final stop on The Police’s world tour? A bris? Wherever it was, this lady was NOT having it…(if anyone can translate the verbiage of her freak-out I’d be forever grateful!)

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