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Links and Hijinks: Ellen, Anne Rice, Dexter, Potboilers and More…

  • The Baby and the Bathwater: Anyone who saw the 4th season of Dexter knows how much the game changed—horribly so. The trailer for the new season looks fantastic…and way different than any other season of the great Showtime show about a serial killer and the masks we all wear. Nikki Finke’s Deadline has the trailer here.
  • Pulp F(r)ictions: As someone (and a soon-to-be-academic) who really wanted his novel (coming out next year, haha) to be page-turning thrill ride, who really wanted to create an accessible, fun book that appealed to many peeps and (potentially) not just the other PhDs that I know, I was fascinated by this academic’s interestingly defensive defense of the fun and pleasures of what she calls “trashy paperbacks.” Of course, one woman’s trash is another woman’s flash. And as I’ve said before, trash, obviously, is in the taste of the beholder…but I love a good high/low culture debate with my morning coffee, don’t you?
  • Brotherly Love: And finally, I just had to post this news link. It intrigues me on so many levels: thinking about how rape shield laws operate in different geographical locations; how some news orgs cover stories in interesting ways–in this case, the Alabama network obviously re-cut a second version (see vids below); that age-old  race, gender, sexuality and class “intersection” that arises when we think about public representations of black folks; and finally, why do some vids “go viral” and others don’t? Antoine Dodson, step up for your close-up:

{Thank you to Crystal Durant, teacher/blogger/dope DJ, for pointing out the above vids…you can catch her funny  bi-weekly pop culture rants at Forcesofgeek.com}


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SPB’s Emmy observations: The Good (Wife), the Bad, & the Snubbed

Just some random thoughts about the newly-announced Emmy nominations:

  • Other than Andre Braugher, who I wrote about recently, there must not be any black folks doing quality acting on TV these days, just like back when The Wire was the best show on TV and never got any acting nominations. Where’s Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette on True Blood) or Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty) or Regina King (Southland)…CLUTCH magazine wonders the same thing.
  • Really happy to see Archie Panjabi snag a nom for her supporting work on The Good Wife. Not only is she one of the sexiest (and coolly sexually undefinable) women on TV, her fierce combination of smarts, wiliness, attitude and dry humor makes her Kalinda one of the brightest new characters on TV…the read is, if this was a fair world—and Lord knows I love me some Julianna Margulies, who has managed to make me forget, week to week (in a good way), the wonderful-ness that was ER‘s Carol Hathaway—Panjabi would be playing The Good Wife instead of just saving her ass every week. Plus, she’s the best leather-wearer—jacket and oh-so-sexy boots—on TV.

  • Discovered Modern Family way late—and watched the entire hilarious first season in three days a coupla months ago—and I’m very happy for Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet’s noms as the crazy gay couple on the show. Their interaction is so real and funny I wanna be Cam and Mitch’s new BFFs—as long as they wouldn’t ask me to babysit. Stonestreet’s a genius at awkward humor and his sidelong glances rival Bea Arthur’s as Dorothy Zbornak on Golden Girls. Oh yeh, big up to Julie Bowen, too: the Brown University TV mafia rolls on!
  • Um, who REALLY thinks True Blood (which I also wrote about earlier) was as good this second season, as the first fun/silly season of the overrated show? Let alone good enough to be in the same Best Drama category as the sublimely good and always entertaining Good Wife, Mad Men, Breaking Bad or the extra-special Dexter? Clearly True Blood took Friday Night Lights‘ spot on the nomination roster. Did it get the nom because it’s the closest thing TV has to a “gay” show? That’s probably politically incorrect to say—or maybe I’m just not as trendily motivated as some?—but there you go. Otherwise I  just can’t see how this show got a Best Drama nomination.  If the Emmys really wanted to honor a vampire show, I advise they start paying attention to Vampire Diaries. Yes, it’s on The CW and yes its cast is crammed-full of pretty (overaged) teenagers, but damn if its not some of the best storytelling on TV right now, with real emotional stuff at stake (no pun intended). If you haven’t caught it, give it a try. If you’re a  true TV fan, you’ll be hooked. I assure you.

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