Two Women (Goddesses?), with Great Minds and Great Style…Toni & Angela

I saw this pic on The Silver Girl, author Tayari Jones’ tumblr site, and HAD to share it at SCOTT TOPICS™. Partly out of respect to Tayari–if you haven’t read her beautiful first novel (and Hurston/Wright Award winner for Debut Fiction) Leaving Atlanta, you haven’t read a good novel in years, for one thing–and partly out of respect to the two beautiful, ground-breaking sistas strolling through the city in this photo. You can read Tayari’s blog here. And her new novel The Silver Girl is coming from Algonquin Books next year. (Thanks Tayari!)

Toni Morrison and Angela Davis, in all their funky, intellectual, Afro-wearing glory…one can only IMAGINE what they’re talking about!!!…Hope this pic inspires you like it’s inspired me!

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5 responses to “Two Women (Goddesses?), with Great Minds and Great Style…Toni & Angela

  1. Karen Good

    I can’t take it!!!

  2. Gina Mae

    This needs to go up in my hell room for inspiration. Thanks Tayari and SPB!

  3. I hear you Gina Mae…I stare at this pic and wonder what they’re talking about, where they’re coming from, where they’re going, who snapped the pic…etc etc etc…

    obsessed. lol


  4. Hakikah

    This pic is everything and I want it everywhere! Inspiration for a lifetime!

  5. I love this pic! Also, I’ve been reading Tayari’s blog–good stuff.

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