Ear (& Eye) Candy: Faith Returns, Eva Mendes’s Sex Tape, and Spring Awakening’s GREAT singer

Yo peeps. Haven’t posted an Ear (and Eye) Candy in a few weeks. But discovered some recent stuff I thought I’d share with y’all this week. Enjoy…!


I woke up to an email from a Brooklyn buddy (hi TG!): Faith Evan’s new single. Brought back crazy memories of the mid-90s when I used to chill at a spot called Buddha Bar, where Faith’s “Love Like This” always rocked the crowd of models and music execs ready to get a groove on. I know she’s a big star but I always felt like Faith should have been a bigger star than she already is: her voice is one of those great instruments that can do club-bangers as well as soft and gentle slow jams that rock your heart (“Soon as I Get Home” is a nothing less than a 90s r&b classic) and she’s an incredible songwriter (for Mary J. Blige and others). Soul Culture and Bossip are premiering the new single “Gone Already” from Faith’s new CD Something About Faith. It’s a yummy, piano-driven ballad of love lost and found anchored by the sweet yet emotionally-tortured vocal style that goes right to your soul.

Hear it here or here.


When I saw Spring Awakening on Broadway a few years ago with my buddy Al (we had to support fellow Brown alum Duncan Sheik in his Broadway composing debut!), we both walked away humming a tune called “I Don’t Do Sadness/Blue Wind,” mostly because of the  vocal performance of Lauren Pritchard as Ilse. A smoky, expressive and surprising wonder, Lauren’s voice is like a warm breeze on a chilly day, wrapping you up in its gorgeous tones and carrying you along to a place that feels like home. As you can tell, I love her voice. She has a new single “Painkillers,” from her upcoming debut CD Wasted in Jackson (out September 20); the vid’s below. (And as a bonus, also check out her portion of the Spring Awakening song, if you’re not familiar with it!)


I’m an Eva Mendes fan, have been since Training Day and that Out of Time flick. I don’t think Hollywood’s really found a way to utilize the full scope of her talents (unless, apparently, she co-starring with Denzel, who I guess, would make anyone look good), but til then, well, she’s fun to behold. Um, homegirl isn’t singing in this clip below, but the sound of the laughter potentially erupting from your gut might sound like music if you’re having the sorta day I’ve been having. Might as well come completely clean: It’s smarter than I expected. Which makes me laugh even harder. Here’s the eagerly-awaited Eva Mendes Sex Tape. Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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