Coming Soon at SCOTT TOPICS™…

Yo peeps, on another deadline, so won’t be posting today. But I wanted to give a heads-up about next week, which I’m excited about: Monday I’ll post my tribute to author E. Lynn Harris who, sadly, passed away on this day last year. Also, the SPB Q will be back, twice!, with super scholar Robin Kelley and NYU grad student Frank Leon Roberts. A new short story will get posted. You’ll get my take on this whole “sissy bouncephenomenon. And I’ll start my running list of SPB’s choices of the Best 100 pop songs of all time. I’d like the end of this list to coincide with the publication of my novel The VIPs next summer, so I’ll be doing 2 a week for the next year. Should be fun. Partly because I know I’ll get a bit of disagreement. But like I always tell peeps, I’ll be okay because: I have terrible taste in music, but my eyes and calves are lovely.

See you guys next week. Have a great, fun, chilled, productive weekend. (I’ll be prepping for my interview with Larenz Tate.) I’ll leave you with some old school music to get your weekend started…


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