Change is good. (Don’t fight the tide/Go along for the ride…)

Haven’t blogged in a coupla days. Been on deadline for some articles. But back tomorrow with some good stuff, and more good stuff this week. I launch the Grad Chapter version of The SPB Q, which will be the beginning of more coverage here of grad school, academic stuff. That doesn’t mean I won’t still be posting my usual TV and music and pop culture coverage; I’ll just be adding some  things, about books, writing, school, and other assorted interests of mine (and hopefully yours!)…There’s a hot sex post coming soon, too. I’ve been researching it and don’t wanna post it til it’s marinated a bit and ready for prying eyes!

I’ll also be posting another short story this week—thanks for the great emails and kind words about the last story I posted. As I’m thinking of self-publishing a collection of stories soon, it’s good to get feedback from peeps who appreciate short fiction…

And finally: the layout of SCOTT TOPICS™ may be different again. We’ve rethought the main SPB website which will launch at the at the end of the year and we’ve been looking for a blog theme that will fit with the rest of the site. Please bear with me. A brotha’s just trying to find his way.

In order to honor change, I’ve added a video of a song about change that warms my very heart (check out Cindy’s fierce old white gogo boots):


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