Ladies and Gentlemen…Spider-Man is NOT the New Black…

So it seems as if Hollywood’s found it’s new Spider-Man, for the relaunch of the blockbuster franchise.

Sadly it won’t be this guy, the former 30 Rock writer and Community actor/comedian, Donald Glover, who’d actually sorta campaigned for the part (personally? I was rooting for him or Jamie Bell):

Turns out, surprise, surprise!, that the studio wanted to go another way. So here’s the new Spider-Man:

Is it just me, or doesn’t he look like a grown-up Harry Potter…I mean, Daniel Radcliffe? He does have great hair. Too bad it’ll be hidden underneath a red white and blue stocking cap for most of the flick…You can read the whole story at EW…and here’s a cute interview with him from a coupla years ago…


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