Brand New PET SHOP BOYS single…

I used to love the Pet Shop Boys. “Being Boring” is, to me, one of the finest pop songs of the last 20 years. Their new single is no “Being Boring”–or even a “West End Girls” or “What Have I Done To Deserve This”–but it makes me love them again…It’s a real cutie, catchy as hell, ethereally bouncy, sincere romantic fun…Sorta goes against the 80-style material-whirl excess of “Opportunities” (“I’ve got the brains/You’ve got the looks/Let’s make lots of money…”), but maybe the Boys have grown up, after all…


See you tomorrow for the WayBack Machine on WayBack Wednesdays…Bring your dancing shoes!!!



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2 responses to “Brand New PET SHOP BOYS single…

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