Last Night a Weave Saved My Life

Have any of you seen the news footage of the sista who got shot in the head by her man, but lived to tell the tale…because her thick-ass weave stopped the bullet? You gotta see this, and hear her tell the story, to believe it…(I thought about calling this story “Bulletproof Weav-a” as a play on the title of my girl Lisa Jones’ book of essays Bulletproof Diva but changed my mind at the last minute…I thought it needed a more pop title than literary title, considering homegirl’s rather blase rendering of the story…) I’m still out on how I feel about this story: is it about abuse? Cause if so, homegirl does not seem too pressed about it…

To really appreciate the full flavor of this urban tale, you have to see it from another vantage point: listen to the commentary from the commentators over at ABC News: click here…!


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One response to “Last Night a Weave Saved My Life

  1. Scott, I saw this on the news. WTF? That’s all I could think when I saw this. A bulletproof weave. Maybe we should all invest in one, since they don’t have much in the way of head defense. It would need to be a really bad one like hers too. But the thing that gets me is how nonplussed she was about the whole thing.

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