Sexy Dancing

Quote of the Day: “Sexy dancer, do that sexy dance…” “Sexy Dancer” by Prince

I usually try to do something sex related on Mondays—mostly because I find that stuff interesting but also cause I wrote a book called HUNG and I get tons of emails, Facebook messages, and letters from peeps pointing out sexy things in the media and the world that I might have missed.

Which is how one of these videos got to me.

Anyone who knows me knows thing I have a thing about “masculinity” as both a simple interest in how men behave, especially together when women aren’t around, and as a subject of study and work. These two videos satisfy me on both levels. They’re funny and a little sexy (one more than the other, only cause the second one is about teens—who are going to be real interesting men when they get out of high school, methinks) and look a bit at how men (mis)behave when the mood hits them.

Check them out:

Tell it to the (Cha Cha-Sliding) Marines!

Dirrrrty Dancing, the all-male edition: From a tv show called “The Principal’s Office”–two guys get chastised for “dirty dancing” a school dance, then try to find the fine line between dirty and not-so-dirty…

Stay tuned to SCOTT TOPICS tomorrow; The SPB Q is a good one, featuring a great, groundbreaking, award-winning writer who rocks my world!

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