Friday Free-For-All

Quote of the Day: “What’s the buzz?/Tell me what’s a-happening…” “What’s the Buzz” from Jesus Christ Superstar

* So I got invited to a ball that Skip Gates and The Root are throwing in DC for the Inauguration, but I couldn’t go. Wanted to but there’s a million things to do prepping for the semester. And i didn’t really have a way to get down there at this late date. It’s too bad; I wouldn’t mind being a “part of history” but I’m just gonna have to a “part of history” from up here in Providence. Besides, at this point in my life, I’ve had my crazy-insane-tons-of-people-feeling-the-love moment in DC: the Million Man March, back in 1995. That was a drama, fun exhausting celebratory drama, but drama nonetheless! I can only imagine what DC’s gonna be like in a coupla days. More power to peeps! Hail to the Chief, y’all!

* Speaking of The Root, they have an advance sneak peek look at Gwen Ifill’s new book The Breakthrough, which is about politics in the age of Barack Obama and caused so much controversy when she was chosen to moderate one of the debates last year. Check it out here.

* So here’s something funny. My new novel The VIPs comes out later this year. In an earlier draft of the book, there’s a character, this NBA star, who’s deep in the closet and having an affair with a music culture journalist, and pulls a gun on another character. I took the scene out of the book for a few reasons but mainly this one: it seems like NBA stars are always getting into some violence, why make this guy seem like such a cliché? Then I start reading NYC papers, and what do I find? New York Knick Eddy Curry is being accused of pulling a gun on his driver, and sexually harassing the dude! What was I thinking? Now I feel like the writer who had an NFL star in his book fighting dogs in his crib, but took it out, right before Michael Vick hit the news. Oh well. I’m not changing it back. But I thought it was funny. Not the alleged harassment, but the coincidence. Though I do have to say, picturing a nude Eddy Curry telling some dude to “come over here and touch it,” does elicit a giggle or two from your boy. Rodonline has some nice coverage here.

* A friend asked me the other day which Broadway musical I considered my favorite. I gave him a list of ten possibilities, but it wasn’t til later that I realized that I’d forgotten Jesus Christ Superstar, the early Webber-Rice show that gets done at every high school every year in every city in America. My friend Maya Days was Mary Magdalene in a revival on Broadway a few seasons back and I loved it, even if no one else did. The music is simply undeniable, to me Webber’s best score other than Evita. That said, anyone else who loves JSC like I do might wanna look into the new show opening this week at Atlanta’s Alliance Theatre. They’re doing Jesus Christ Superstar GOSPEL, with a 27-member gospel choir augmenting the glorious singing you’ll hear by Darius De Haas, Deston Owens and others. Sounds hot to me. Check out this article for more info. Click here for more info and a trailer.


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