WayBack Wednesdays: General Hospi-tale

Quote of the Day: “A girl with those eyes/Could stare through the lies/And see what your heart was saying…” — “Think of Laura” by Christopher Cross

I used to be a soap opera nut, back in the early 80s, when soaps still had the pre-cable popcultural dominance that the form wielded with such melodramatic power and control. If you wanted to be part of the pop culture conversation in 1981, you had to know not only your primetime info like who shot JR but you also had to know, for example, some stuff about Dr. Noah Drake, why he was at Port Charles’ General Hospital, and what he wanted with the luscious nurse Bobbie Spencer. Most importantly, you needed to know the cross-over info that Noah Drake was played by Australian pop star Rick Springfield, most famous for that brilliant and timeless Grammy-winning #1 hit “Jessie’s Girl.”
It seemed like music played a big deal on soaps back then, especially General Hospital. The rape of Laura Webber–by Luke Spencer, before Luke and Laura famously became daytime’s first “Supercouple”–was scored to Herb Alpert’s “Rise”. Not only did the song get repeated over and over in flashbacks and any time Laura thought of the moment–it went on to sell millions of copies thanks to all this attention.
So it was kind of inevitable that the show would eventually have a song of its own, even if it was more of a joke than a real song. Pseudo-rapped by the Afternoon Delights, General Hospi-tale(1981) basically replayed the major plots of the moment set to a disco beat. The video below goes beyond some of the 1980-81 moments, but is a fun flashback nonetheless… Enjoy!

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