My First Friend on a Reality Show !

Quote of the Day: “Hey, Look Me Over/Tell Me Do U Like What U See?/Hey, I Ain’t Got No Money/But Honey I’m Rich On Personality” — “Baby I’m a Star” by Prince

So I’m flipping through the paper today and I see that The Biggest Loser is doing a couples addition, and I look closely at the pic of one of the couples and I dropped my pastrami sandwich…There was Nicole Brewer, an old buddy from my first round of Brown days back in the early 90s. It seems she’s become a yo-yo dieter and wants to pull a look together for her wedding.
Wow. For the first time in all my reality-show obsessed years of rooting for the Elliot Yamins and Melinda Doolittles and Janelles (“Bye Bye, Bitches!”) and Kaysars and Kortos of the world–I didn’t get to know Ya-Ya til after she finished Top Model …I can finally root for someone I actually know in flesh and blood real life! I figured it would happen sooner or later; won’t we all eventually know someone on one of these shows?
But I’m not mad that’s it Ms Brewer. She really is one of the most dynamic peeps I’ve ever met, full of personality and wit. I’m sure the producers met her and immediately cast her and her fiancee. I’m happy for her. You can get a sense of her in the video below (at about 2:26)…Go Nicole!

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