Watching the Detectives

Quote of the Day: “Cause the high heel he used to be has been ground down/And he listens for the footsteps that would follow him around…” Elvis Costello, “Man Out of Time”

I hate to sound like one of those blurbing quote machines, but listen:

If you like detective thrillers…If you like mob stories…If you like books that take place in Chicago…If you like debut novels that make you happy that you’ve discovered a new writer but pissed that there’s not a catalogue of stuff to then dig into…


Sean Chercover, according to his bio, used to be a PI himself. I’m sure that’s why Big City Bad Blood feels so close to the bone real. Ray Dudgeon–one of the best protagonist names I’ve encountered in a long time–is a GREAT character, funny, snide, conflicted, and crazy crazy tough. I loved this book. There are a coupla of teensy flawed moments, but for the most part, when I was done I felt the way I felt after I’d finished my first Walter Mosely, Lee Child, and T. Parker Jefferson–really really satisfied and eager to read more. HIs new one, Trigger City, comes out in October.


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