Politics as Usual

Quote of the Day: “Sign o’ the times mess with your mind/Hurry before its 2 late…” Prince, “Sign ‘O’ the Times

Someone sent me an email asking why I never dealt with political issues at Scott Topics. To quote the emailer: “Your blog is called Scott Topics. Which I guess is a take-off on The View’s Hot Topics. That’s cool. But The hottest topic out there right now is the election and Barack Obama. Why haven’t you dealt with that at all?”

Well, my answer would begin, thanks for “getting” the title of my blog. I have had to explain to some readers, but there you go, some things have to be explained to some people. And I really like the title. I think it works. But as for politics, I don’t really write about politics. And I hate to say “never”, but I never have and probably never will. It’s not really my beat; I don’t write about things I don’t feel like I can be halfway original or smart about. That said, if you want some politics, specifically something about Barack Obama, here you go:

I wish the media–or Barack’s people–would get off the whole Isn’t-it-cute-that-Barack-loves-and-plays-basketball? thing. It’s boring. He’s a forty-something AMERICAN black dude in 2008 who watched Dr. J and Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. Of course he loves basketball. The story would be if he didn’t like basketball.

I guess Bryant Gumbel came closest to getting it right:

And here’s something else, vaguely politics-ish for ya: I actually liked Michelle Obama’s speech at the DCC. It seemed heartfelt and smart and loving. All that said, I could have done without all the post-speech family shenanigans, with Barack piped in from some family’s crib out in the hinterlands somewhere. It just came off as maudlin and staged and dull. It occurred to me for a moment that for all the Obama references to and insistence on change, there didn’t seem to be much “change” going on up on that stage. I felt like I’d seen–and heard–so much of it before.


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