Fun Random Stuff

Quote of the Day: “I know you’re hopin’ to find/Someone who’s gonna give you peace of mind…” Fleetwood Mac, “Second Hand News”

Just some news and notes til later:

  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof went black, on Broadway this past season. Now another stage classic gets the “non-traditional” casting treatment, with Avery Brooks as a black Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman. [Playbill]
  • Is Damon Dash broke? The word on the street is he’s about to lose his cribs. [Forbes]
  • There’s been all this talk lately (like here and here) about book trailers hitting the Internet to market books to readers, sorta like movie trailers. I’ve seen some wack ones and some funny ones, but this one–for Brad Meltzer‘s upcoming The Book of Lies–actually makes me wanna read the book. Maybe it’s cause I’m a nerd who loves comics and conspiracy theories? Anyway, check it out–and all the lit/TV stars he got to help him make it happen. [EntertainmentWeekly]

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