Shock of the New

Quote of the Day: “…Still it would be hard. So very hard to forget the man who fucked like a star.” — Toni Morrison, from Tar Baby

At a party the other night, someone asked me to name my favorite novel of all time. First I said Toni Morrison’s Sula. Then I changed my mind and said Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon. Then I changed my mind again and said Toni Morrison’s Paradise. Then I decided it actually is Sula. By which time the person who’d asked me was already starting a different conversation with someone else at the party. Oh well.

I tell you all this as a way of mentioning that there’ll be a new Toni Morrison novel this fall. It’s called A Mercy, and you can read about it here. I hope I like it more than I almost liked her last novel, Love. Almost, because I couldn’t get through it.

On the music front: I’m loving the new Oasis single, “Shock of the Lightning”. But is it just my imagination running away with me or does anyone else think it sounds a little bit like a muted version of the Von Bondy’s “C’mon C’mon” (aka the theme song of the great TV show Rescue Me)? You can hear Oasis here. And you can check out Von Bondy’s here.

If you’re an Oasis obsessive like me, you might enjoy the trailer below. It’s a sorta greatest hits/coming soon thing to remind you how great the band used to be while making you wet for the new stuff. Well, uh, I mean, that’s the effect it had on, um, me.


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