Video. Video. Video.

Quote of the Day: “Working Monday through Friday/Takes up all of my time/If I can get to the weekend/Everything will work out just fine…” Madonna, “Where’s the Party”

Just some obsverations as the weekend kicks in (click links to see videos):

  • Rihanna’s “Disturbia” video really, uh, disturbs me. Have you seen a more unrelentingly shallow example of abject style over substance? And don’t get a brotha started on that pseudo-voguing display of attitude she indulges in that Maroon 5 video…Didn’t any of these daughters of Madonna learn anything from Mama?
  • Finally saw the “Viva la Vida” video and I love it like I love marshmallow pies: nice to see Coldplay looking like they know how to have fun. But maybe that’s because Hype Williams is working his magic on them?

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