Ashamed? Me? Hell No…

Quote of the Day: “It’s an experience/Sweet, delirious/Supernatural, superserious…” R.E.M., “Supernatural Superserious”

So. Some of my housemates went to see Radiohead tonight. I didn’t go. When I told another friend that I passed up the chance to see Radiohead, he gave me this long, nasty look, and said, “What?!” I told him that I didn’t like Radiohead. I did like the song “Creep” that was on Pablo Honey, but their more recent over-produced, insular, computer stuff is not, every pun intended, OK with me. I. just. don’t. get it…and I’m not ashamed to say it. Maybe it makes me look like an idiot to some people–to those real smart people who do, I guess, get it–but there ya go. I don’t get it.

And that got me thinking about other things I don’t particularly like, or get, that every one else seems to like, or get. And that got me thinking about things I love that other people look down their noses at.

I mean, I thought NSync was great–“Tearing Up My Heart”? Pure pop goodness…not as pure or good as Backstreet Boys’ “I Want it That Way” but, well, we can’t all be so brilliant. But so many people I know who hated NSync drool at the very mention of Justin Timberlake’s name. I don’t get the Justin Timberlake thing (which I’ve already blogged about.) I know Justin’s all hip and cool and got that wannabe-black white boy thing going on that everyone thinks is so cute. But I. just. don’t. get it…it’s too wannabe and not black enough for me, I guess…

Some people tell me I have bad taste, for instance, in music. And I always tell them, I’d rather have bad taste than no taste at all…

So, is there something or someone who everyone around you seems to LOVE but you just. don’t. get? Or vice versa? Tell us about it…Enquiring minds really wanna know…


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