I’m Back: Beer, Books, & Bitchiness

Quote of the Day: “Gee, my life’s a funny thing/Am I still too young?…” — David Bowie, “Young Americans”

So kids, I’m back on the blogging block. I know, I’ve said that before, but this time I mean it. It’s been a busy time, finishing college after all these years, finishing my novel The VIPs (which will be out in stores next spring), and starting a new book. But I miss coming to the blog every so often, so here I am…

I’ve been chilling in Providence for a little while, discovering wonderful new things such as drinking games like “Edward 40-Hands” and “Beer Ball”. That’s what happens when you spend a lot of time in a house with a bunch of fun young 21-year olds (see pic: that’s me with Mike, Greg, and Alex) who party as hard as they study. Time may pass, but Brown students never change…

I’ve been reading, too. Lots of reading. Lots of pleasure reading, after the last few months of reading for classes or book research. And I can honestly say that my new favorite thriller writer is a guy named Lee Child. People have told me about Child for years, but I could never get into his Reacher series, the first one, The Killing Floor, just didn’t engage me. But then I did something I hate to do: I started from the end of the series. Bad Luck and Trouble, it was called, and now I’m hooked. If you love page-turning, tough-guy thrillers, get thee to a bookstore and pick up one of the Reacher books. You’ll be tired all the time cause you’ll be up all night reading, but you’ll love me…

So. Just to get a few things off chest while I’m still sitting here:

• If I was Libra over on Big Brother 10, I’d smack that old crusty, breast-grabbing Jerry in the mouth. Twice. No, three times.

• If I was impolite, I’d ask somebody out there to explain to me the public’s fascination with The Dark Knight. I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

• If I was Shonda Rhimes over at Grey’s Anatomy, I wouldn’t fire Katherine Heigl for her ridiculous, class-less diss of the writing staff, I’d put that Izzy bitch in a coma and make her come to work everyday, wear no make-up, and lay in a bed all day with her eyes closed.

Sigh…There, I’m done…til next time (probably tomorrow)…


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