Get yer HUNG Bookmarks Here…!

Quote of the Day: “Oh, Laura…Always mistaking taste for style…” Kayne on Project Runway

Collect This!: Last year, before HUNG was released, we distributed some great “ruler” bookmarks that people seemed to like. Well, I was unpacking some stuff from storage after my move and I came across a whole bunch of those rulers. Tons of people asked for one or two or three last fall, but I didn’t send them out cause the HUNG street team was distributing them at parties and clubs etc…

Well, now, if you want one, you can have one! Or two! Or three!…Just email me at and we’ll send it out to you ASAP. They’re fun. Use them in the paperback of HUNG that you buy your buddy to read! Use them in the copy of whatever you’re reading this summer…

A Question: Anyone out there familiar with a song called “Roses and Rainbows”? It’s from the 80s & it’s by a singer named Julie Budd. I’m looking for a copy of it for one of the HUNG ads we’re shooting next month. If anyone has an mp3 or CD of it, shout a brotha out…thanx.

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