Divas, or something like that…

Quote of the Day: “Who do you/Who do you/Who do you, who do you, who do you think you are?” — Gnarls Barkley, “Crazy”

Sitting here relaxing and watching James Blake play some hardcourt tennis. It’s been a long, hard few weeks. Some family stuff. Work stuff. And I finally closed my interview with Janet for the next ish of GIANT magazine. It was a hard piece to write. I think it’s because I’ve been such a Jackson fan for so long that I didn’t want to seem like some fawning syncophant (I’m one of the peeps who doesn’t think that Janet is, as the kids say, o-vah; I LOVED some of the new CD stuff that I heard & merely liked other parts of it). And there’s so much ground to cover…I mean, her new CD is called 20 Y.O.…There’s 20 years of shit to discuss…Anyway, the piece will be out in September, so you can tell me what you think when you see it. I can tell you now that the pics are great—following in our GIANT trend of giving the kids great visuals to go with (we like ta think) great words.

BEYONCE SPEAKS!!!: If you wanna hear my interview with Beyonce—not just the interview as it ran in GIANT but all the extra stuff that didn’t make the article (for space or thematic reasons)—go over to the iTunes store and download the podcast. I had a ball hanging out with her. Her laugh is freakin’ infectious…I think I’m laughing with her as much as I’m asking her questions. If you can’t get there, you can go to this page at GIANTMAG.com and check it out. It’s fun…


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