Quote of the Day: “Goodness will guide us if love is inside us…” — Prince, “Christopher Tracy’s Parade”

Taped a “talking head” seg with BET the other day for their year-end wrap-up. They asked about some funny stuff. Ran into Dr. Ian Smith there, he was finishing his taping right before mine. Hadn’t seen him since Derek Jeter’s birthday party last year. He gave me some publishing biz advice. Much needed, as it turned out, as I learn more about how this whole book thing goes. I think I might do an SPB Q with Dr. Ian.

Good news: HUNG is in the window at the Barnes & Noble store on 6th Avenue and 21st Street in Manhattan, right up there with one of my faves Maureen Dowd and some of the other more established non-fiction stars who are selling some books. That was cool to see; and the book is still down front on the New Arrival table at most of the Barnes & Nobles’ in Manhattan, which means that peeps seem to be buying it. Thanks to all you good people for making sure I have some food on the table next year …Hope you’re enjoying (or enjoyed) the book. Tell ya friends…HUNG makes a great holiday gift … or so I been told…

So I’m standing in Quizno’s the other day, getting ready to order my Chicken Cabo sandwich, when the guy behind the counter says, “Is that that book HUNG?” I looked down, having com0pletely forgotten that I had a copy of the book with me (I was coming from an interview and I usually take a book with me). I say, “Yeh, what you know about HUNG?” He laughs and tells me that his good friend, a woman, loved the book, even read him passages out loud. I tell him that I wrote it. He smiles and nods and says, “I think I’m gonna buy it.” But, he says, he wasn’t sure he could buy a book with a dude’s nude torso on the cover. “It’s not a book about naked dudes,” I tell him. “I know,” he says, shrugging, “but you know how it is.” So it got me wondering, are dudes not buying my book cause of the cover? I know the book is selling well—I got my numbers back from Doubleday the other day, and for a book that’s only been out a month and some change, it’s all good—but were all those copies just sold to women? And gay guys, who ain’t worried about a nude torso on the cover? I always thought the ruler on the cover my offend some people. Oh well, to each his own. But if there are any kats reading this now, str8 male kats who are embarrassed to buy HUNG, here’s my advice: DON’T BE!!! Be strong, be proud, my brotha, No one at Barnes & Noble cares…They just want their money, I just want a book sold, you just want some fun, sexy, crazy entertainment—we’ll all come out good…And there is this: If you don’t wanna buy it in the store, there’s always…they’ll send it right to the privacy of your own home…and it’ll be our little secret…

All that said, I got a great email from a dude in Florida, who told me that he bought the book (even though he wasn’t sure he’d buy it cause he didn’t know what to expect). He told me that he loved the book, mainly cause he’d never read anything quite like it before, also because he realized it wasn’t a book just about big dicks, and because it gave him and his girlfriend something to talk about that didn’t have to do with their kids or school or work. I like getting letters like that. Keep ‘em coming, my peeps…let’s get some dialogue going.

One more thing: Go read Rod 2.0…entertaining, informative, up-to-the-minute, fun & he looks beneath the surface in a way that doesn’t feel nosy, just curious and real. I been crazy outta the loop lately, trying to tour and do press and finish a new book. I brought my head above ground for a coupla hours and scrolled thru Rod’s site and felt caught-up like a muhfucka…Go, give homeboy some love…And don’t give any to FORD…My Moms taught me not to tolerate intolerance. None of us should.

So I’m outta here. Moving outta my crib tomorrow, heading out to be with family before I hit the road for a few dates before the holidays…Then–HOPEFULLY–your boy will be in sunny Miami for a little while to write and chill. I’ll be back here at the Q Monday for the beginning of my 2005 Faves…Music, TV, books, life shit. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my picks. I know you will, either way…ONE


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