Back in the Saddle Again

Quote of the Day: “Keeping time with paupers just as well as kings/I toss my hat up to the silver sky/And then I sigh/Look at all the blessings in my life…”—Teena Marie, “Irons in the Fire” ***

Sup peeps…been a few days since I posted here. Been pretty busy trying to keep the world informed about this little book I wrote. Then I had Thanksgiving time to spend with the Bryant family out in Long Island. Hope you all had a nice holiday…

In HUNG News: Taped an interview for NPR (National Public Radio) yesterday afternoon. Not just about HUNG, but about sexuality and black folks in general. Cool interview, wide range of topics discussed; I’ll let you know when it’s running…Did a signing for charity at Maria Davis’ party Monday night. That was hot; got to hear some unsigned hiphop talent. Ran into the legendary Red Alert and reminisced about old-skool hiphop days. And I got re-introduced to “Make It Last Forever” songstress Jacci McGee, looking very hot and beautiful. Homegirl’s about to record some new music after a long hiatus. Big-Up’s to her…

Still getting work done on the script for The HUNG Monologues, or HUNG: In Concert, as I’ve taken to calling it every time I sit down at the computer. Hopefully I’ll have a production up and running by the middle of February, in honor of Black History Month. My fingers are crossed, at least, which makes it a little hard to get any typing done, but then, there ya go…

LISTENING: Can honestly say that I am NOT loving the new Madonna CD—though I suspected that might be the case when I first heard it’s awful title this summer. How do you make a “dance” record in 2005 and not have more funky hiphop-style beats on it? The record feels very gay to me. And not “gay” in a cool, fabulous way either, but “gay” in that sleazy, hyped-up but rundown crystal meth sorta way. Other than the single and a coupla bars of a coupla other songs I can’t even recall the names of, I think the record stinks. Almost makes me cry. Anyone who knows me knows that Madonna never had a bigger fan among the brothas than me; but I can’t believe my ears these last few CDs. What happened to the melodies and the style and the, well, the fun?…

Cant get enough of Josh Rouse’s brilliant, funny, crazy, sexy, and heartfelt Nashville CD. Not as slick as a bud of mine described it, this boy can write some songs that make you wanna sing along, drive around to it, chill out to it. Song for song (“Street Lights” “Winter in the Hamptons”, “Carolina”, “Sad Eyes”…ah, each of them so freakin’ beautiful) probably my choice as album of the year. I think. Or maybe Amos Lee. Or maybe Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. Or maybe…forget it, I’ll list them a few days from now….Really really can’t enough of the Nancy Sinatra CD from last year. It’s some rockin’ shit, old meets new at the OK Corral of Love. My faves are “Burning Down the Spark”, “Bossman”, and her cover of Morrissey’s “Let Me Kiss You”… I’ve recently re-discovered the joys of two CDs from my past: Brand Nubian’s debut and Diana Ross’s The Boss…Ashford & Simpson had homegirl singing on that record. Ross is underrated in my book. Under all the glam and hair and pizazz, there’s quite a song stylist in there.

READING: Loving loving loving a book called The Blue Edge of Midnight, a thriller by Jonathon King. If you like dark, broody mystery thrillers, pick it up. It’s the first in a series. Also enjoying—I tend to read a few books at the same time, switiching it up every once and while—Joan Didion’s Where I Was From, her last book, about her home state of Cali, before I dig into her most recent one. Also, about to look into a book called Sex, Murder and a Double Latte by Kyra Davis, which someone recommended to me on the plane back from the Bay Area. Davis is San Fran-based, and y’all know I been trying to keep a bit of Bay in my life since my wondrous trip out that way.

WATCHING: TV: Loving the shit outta Commander In Chief, though it will be interesting to see how the show changes now that Steve Bochco’s running things over there–and further indulging his straight-boy crush on Mark Paul Gosselar and bell-saving his career again by providing him with yet another primetime role…Discovered, as is my wont, a new show via DVD: Battlestar Galactica, which my boy Ron had told me about last year. One word: Sublime. Okay, two words: Terribly sublime. Subtle yet edgy and yet very science fictiony without a glimmer of techno-geekdom . And here’s a Q: What’s with all the female presidents on TV these days, with Geena D. on Commander and Mary McDonnell on Galactica? I know one thing: I’d take either of them over Our Current Cowboy-in-Chief, any day, wouldn’t you?…. FILM: Liked the new Harry Potter, even tho they cut out some of the wrong stuff from the book and even tho they didn’t develop the competitors enough in the TriWizard Tourney, and—MAJOR THING HERE—even tho they misplayed the Voldemort thing: I could have done without all that make-up they piled onto poor Ralph Fiennes. He’s fuckin’ Ralph Fiennes people: he nailed Hamlet and he’s played a Nazi; he can act and he can scare us with just a simple shot of his beautifully angular and expressive face, can’t he, kids?…Even though his beloved The Opposite of Sex was a tad, uh, arch for my tastes, I really enjoyed Don Roos’s last flick called Happy Endings…at least I think I did. I know that some of the writing is very clever and smart and touching and I know I loved the performances of Maggie Gyllenhaal and Lisa Kudrow and Tom Arnold and Jesse Bradford as much as I hated those little title cards …But I’ll tell you this: I can do without anymore bustling, multi-caharacter, life-is-as-random-as-a-screenwriter’s-keystroke-makes-it movies. Didn’t like Magnolia. Didn’t like Crash. There’s another I’m missing, but I must have hated it so much it’s slipping my tiny mind…Re-watched Trick the other night. For a gay flick it was terribly good, again. Still love Coco Peru (“You ever get cum in your eye, Gabriel? It buuuuuurrrrrnnnnnns”).

So I guess that about sums up my life in a few graphs. What y’all been up to?

***with a nod to my homeboy…thanks for introducing me to that…


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