Reasons to be Cheerful, Pt. 1

Quote of the Day: “Whatever U heard about me is true/I change the rules and do what I wanna do…”—Prince, “Let’s Pretend We’re Married”

I got back from the west coast and decided I didn’t have time to think negatively about anything—a buddy said to make a list of the things that have been making me happy of late. So I did…

• Someone actually put HUNG on his blogger profile favorite book list.
• I got a new pair of Rod Laver Adidas kicks.
• I got to spend four days in Oakland and Berkeley and can’t wait get back there.
• My DVD of Trick will be in the mail tomorrow from
• Jet Blue airlines.
• Regina King’s performance in Jerry Maguire.
• Watching fine sista Ryan Michelle Bathe on Boston Legal.
• “Just a Mirage” by Smokey & the Miracles.
• The bass line of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson”…coo coo ca choo…
• Mary J. Blige’s new single is the hottest shit Mary’s done in years–it’s streaming here if ya wanna hear it.
Desperate Housewives finally had a good episode this season.
• The new Harry Potter flick opens this week.
• I’m about to get me some more Summers Bazaar incense–and you should, too.

• There’s gonna be a new Madonna CD in my iPod this morning.
• Three more months and I’ll be in South Beach.
• “I Think I’m Going Out Of My Head” by Little Anthony and the Imperials
• “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)” by Looking Glass
• The 7.99 copy of Cruel Intentions I found at Best Buy yesterday.
• I found the title song from Charlotte’s Web on line the other night—performed by the Brady Bunch of all groups.
• “Something Beautiful Remains” by Tina Turner
• I found my tattered old copy of Gay Love Signs in my storage space.
• Smokey and Steph are gonna have a boy.
• Walter Mosely is about to publish an erotic novel.
• I’ve been invited to speak at Swarthmore College during Black History Month
• I heard the brilliant Mark Anthony Neal might teach my book HUNG in his class next semester at Duke.

• “Put Your Body In It” by Stephanie Mills
• “We’ve Only Just Begun” by the Carpenters
• “Fix You” by Coldplay
• “Never in Your Sun” by Stevie Wonder
• That fine kat who plays Wade on Noah’s Arc.
• The mix tape I made my boy the other night, which opens with “Magic In Your Eyes” by Rufus and Chaka Khan.
• The anticipation of my mommy’s macaroni and cheese and lemon pound cake come Thanksgiving time.

• It’s autumn in New York…

What’s making you happy these days???


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