Musing on Tuesday

Quote of the Day: “Days go by and still I think of you…” — Dirty Vegas, “Days Go By”

I’m currently in the process of picking some actors to do monologues in the upcoming show HUNG: Live In Concert. Any recommendations from you peeps out there? I already have a few names lined up, can’t mention them yet, but who would YOU wanna see telling some of the stories that grace the pages of HUNG? You think any of the Noah’s Arc dudes would be good for it?

So I’m watching Noah’s Arc again—ok, yeh, as uneven as it can be, I’ve decided that’s it’s also downright hilarious in some spots and just dead-on right in others, and I’ve also decided that I’m a fan, as hungry for queer black dudes on TV as anybody else—and I realize that I know the kat who plays Trey. I think he used to bartend at this afterhours joint I used to chill at on 16th Street. He made a good Corona. Or, at least, he popped the top off of a good Corona. His name is Gregory Keith. Rod has a nice appreciation of dude at Rod 2.0 with pics, natch…My new teen obsession: Veronica Mars on UPN (though I’ve discovered it, as I do many of my TV obsessions, via the first season on DVD). She’s like a teen female Lew Archer, world-weary and scrambling around SoCal, a little sad, a little lost, but on her game investigation-wise. Between Miss Mars, the kids on One Tree Hill, and ol’ standby Rory Gilmore, I’m about to give up on those brats over on The O.C.—how did such a great show fall so far in quality? It can’t be that hard to come up with sexy soapy storylines, you’re on FOX for crying out loud…

Did an interview with Derek and Romaine over at Sirius Out Q Radio last night. Those kids cracked me up, especially Romaine telling me that, lesbian tho she may be, if she had to take a dick it would have to be at least 7 and a half inches and very thick to get her off. Something about the depth and width of her snatch. I knew there were some female size queens out there, but I’d never met a gay one. Brava!

My new favorite music: “Passer By” by Mattafix, “I Want to be Buried In Your Backyard” by Nightmares of You, “Soul Survivor” by Jeezy & Akon, and CDs The Runaway Found by The Veils and Tourist by Athlete (okay, not exactly “new” but new to me, who’s been under the radar for a little while…)

Aight, about to crash so I can get my plane to the West Coast…If you’re allowed to come out and play this week in Oakland and Berkeley, stop by Cody’s on Telegraph on Thursday and/or Marcus Books on Friday…


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