Introducing the Brand New Q

Quote of the Day: “I’ll give you love, I’ll hit you like a truck/I’ll give you love, I’ll teach you how to … ” -– Madonna, “Erotica”

Hey loyal (and new) readers of THE SPB Q:

Starting this week, there will be some changes at the site.

As of Tuesday, there will be a new method to the madnes that is THE SPB Q: Each day will will be devoted to some aspect of the THE SPB Q: One day to TV, one day to music, one day to sex, one day to an actual SPB Q Interview pertaining to one of the subjects already mentioned. Oh yeh, the pic quality will be better, too. Because I’m about to simultaneously start the HUNG book tour AND finish a new book, time won’t be as free as it has been since the launch of the blog this past summer. But I will definitely be posting at least three times during the week from now til the end of January, when I return to Miami. After that, I’ll be in rewrite mode and blog entries will probably occur with a bit more frequency. Also, the official site should be up live by the top of next week. You’ll be able to go there to get the latest news on HUNG and some of my other book, tour, and film projects. It will be a sort of “first draft” of a site, but I hope you like it. So, til tomorrow, stay tuned. Things might get interesting. Especially tomorrow, when I’ll be running some of the letters I’ve gotten from readers of HUNG.

All I can say is this: If some of these letters were CDs, they’d have parental advisory stickers on them…


In HUNG News: I’ll be in Oakland next week, details to come about the dates and places. Look out for the nice HUNG ad in tomorrow’s NY Times. If you’re in NYC, look out for the HUNG snipes hanging up around the West Village, Chelsea, East Village, Harlem and downtown Brooklyn areas.


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