Friday On My Mind

Quote of the Day: “You made my soul a burning fire/You’re getting to be my one desire/You’re getting to be all that matters to me…” — Stevie Wonder, “All I Do”

Just got my hands on the new ESPN magazine, so I can read the Sheryl Swoopes interview where she comes out of the closet. It’s a topic that’s been on my mind lately. Particularly since HUNG has come out and I’ve told stories in the book about my own heteroflexibility, about the sexual experiences I’ve had with both men and women. Some peeps seem completely surprised, others take it for what it is. Still others, at least from a coupla emails I’ve gotten, want to know if the rapper I write about—the one on the DL—is a certain rapper that I’d allegedly been involved with back in my hiphop heyday.

It isn’t. He is pretty popular, he’s doing his thing. But “Darren”, as he’s called in HUNG, is not him. Nor did I have any kind of affair with the NFL star I interview in the book. We’re just buddies. I changed all the names in the book to protect both the innocent…and the guilty.


Batter Up?: Now that baseball season’s over and I have no more games to watch til next summer, I guess I’ll have to occupy my time and satisfy my baseball jones by reading about how some of our favorite baseball players get their off-the-diamond grooves on, giving “On the DL” a whole other meaning—at least from what some groupie chicks have to say…Or I’ll just find out who’s, uh, how should I put it, sporting the biggest bats in the game?


Up All Night Long: I’ve been trying to figure out what I’ll take with me to read on the plane when I head out west to the Bay area and Los Angeles on the west coast tour for HUNG in two weeks. Then, in a meeting with Stephen Rubin, the publisher of Doubleday, all my problems were solved. He gifted me with a copy of the newly revised edition of Salem’s Lot, the Stephen King masterpiece of smalltown vampires, which Centipede Press published in 2004 and Doubleday is reissuing November 1. Not only is it full of beautiful photo illustrations by Jerry N. Uelsman, but also previously unpublished material and a new intro by King himself. 587 pages of heaven, sheer heaven (to quote Dorothy Michaels in Tootsie…)


In HUNG News: On Tuesday, November 1, I’ll be chatting with Miss Jones on the Hot 97 Morning Show in NYC…then, Wednesday, November 2, I’ll be reading and signing HUNG at Brownstone Books in Brooklyn, located at 409 Lewis Avenue. The next night I’ll be reading and signing and talking about sex at GMAD (Gay Men of African Descent) at 103 East 125th Street, ste. 503, in Harlem. Looks like I might have a special guest that night: Karamo Brown, from MTV’s Real World Philadelphia, sharing a convo about brothas and sex….I’ll be getting to Oakland on November 8th and doing some readings and signings…more info on those dates to come soon.


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