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Quote of the Day: “I know you as if I’ve known you all my life/I know you, I live you…”—Chaka Khan, “I Know You, I Live You”

Well, HUNG has been in bookstores a coupla days now and it feels weird. Good-weird, but weird. I was in the Barnes & Noble on 8th street last night and I saw two dudes picking up the book. Good feeling. Didn’t have the heart (or the balls?) to go over and say, “Hey, I wrote that!”. I just let them flip through it and buy it, with a little smile dancing on my lips and in my mind.

Been doing some press since Tuesday. Yesterday, I did three cool interviews: one with Blanche Williams, who does an XM satellite radio talk show called Greatness by Design, another with, and another on a radio talk show out of Cincy called The Buzz with this guy named Nathan Ive (great tagline: “Picking a lock to your brain…”) Today I’ll be doing Star & Buc Wild on Power 105 in NYC and a coupla others. Friday, I’ll be chatting with Miss Jones on Hot-97’s morning show. Hope you guys check ‘em out.

Big Up to Dallas over at Drive Like Hell. He invited me to be a guest DJ, let me put a playlist of songs up at the site, and gave a little shout out to HUNG. I’ve heard great things about his novel Drive Like Hell, which came out earlier this year. Sounds like a blast.


THE CONTEST WINNERS!!!: In honor of the good vibes felt by the release of the book, Team HUNG decided to pick three names for the final HUNG Contest drawing. The first name that came out, Frederick Smith, will receive a signed copy of the book as well as a signed poster. The second and third names were Maurice C. Cherry, Jr. and Joy May-Harris. They will get a signed copy of the book. Congrats to all the winners and thanks to all the peeps who entered. Hope you still get to read and enjoy the book. There may be one more drawing for a winner over the next coupla weeks, in celebration of some other HUNG news that can’t be revealed yet, but will be soon. Stay tuned.


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