Return of the SPB

Quote of the Day: “The one thing I can’t change is my heart…” –Angela Bofill (with Dave Valentin), “Can’t Change My Heart

T-Minus 6 days Til HUNG hits stores…

TV Q’s: Will Stephen Bochco really make Commander-In-Chief better than it already is? Is Ava the Carver on Nip/Tuck—she did sleep with Christian that one time, might she have saved the Magnum condom found on the scene? How eerie was that last scene on Nip/Tuck—when the Carver strikes he goes for it, doesn’t he or she? How sad was Hurley in last week’s Lost? How touching was it that Rose’s husband Bernard is still alive, just as she’d been saying all this time? How good an actress is L. Scott Caldwell and how good is it to see on a TV as good as Lost? Could Eddie Cibrian be any sexier than he is on Invasion?

Is Boston Legal getting better? Considering it has two of the sexiest peeps on TV gracing it’s cast: Ryan Michelle Bathe, the sexiest sista in primetime, heating up the otherwise silly episode last night with her slaps against the pervert priest and Mark Valley, sorely wasted in those bad suits and sour facial expressions. Anyone else remember (and savor the days) when he was the dim but sexy carpenter Will Gluck on Once and Again, the greatest TV drama that ABC never gave a chance to succeed?

How hot is all the interracial sex on Grey’s Anatomy? It’s like they took all the nervousness of ER’s attempts at same (Peter Benton & Elizabeth Corday, Jing-Mei Chin & a coupla different black dudes) and raised the ante—no guilt, no pressure, just good hot sex and love across the color line. It was a tiny bit expected in that cheap-TV sorta way, but how nice was it to see that Miranda Bailey (the stern attending played expertly by Chandra Wilson) actually has a heart? Did anyone else think the Freddie Prinze was funny, like I did? Or was I just starting at Freddie for thirty minutes and feeling like a Juanabee again?


In HUNG News: Nice lil q&a I have with Brian Keith Jackson in New York Magazine this week. I like that I made the ish with Wendy Williams and the cover story on whether Jews are smarter than everyone else in the world. Mainly because when I was a little kid I begged my parents for a Bar Mitzvah. Then they had to tell me that I wasn’t actually a Jew. I just played one in my neighborhood.

I did a little longer interview with Felicia Pride at her great site The Backlist. It was an email interview, so it gave me a little room to move around and provide some a’s to some really good q’s. You can check out “Getting Raw With Scott Poulson-Bryant” here (and while you’re there, sign up for the newsletter and buy one of those t-shirts).


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