And the Winner Is…

Drum Roll, Please…: The winner of the 1st drawing of the HUNG Giveaway is Richard Smith of…well, I don’t know where Richard is from, but his name was the name that came up out of the big bag of names sent in by you cool peeps who entered the contest. Richard will get a signed copy of the book HUNG as well as a huge glossy signed poster of the sexy book cover.

The next drawing will be on October 25th, the day that HUNG will officially be in bookstores everywhere…If you haven’t entered yet, you have eleven more days to get an email in to Team HUNG, with HUNG Giveaway in the subject line and your name in the body of the email. Send your entry to


I rarely use the word brilliant to describe something cultural. Well, except for maybe a Stevie Wonder record or a Joan Didion essay or a line of Kevin Smith dialogue or a Roger Federer crosscourt winner or a sentence by Toni Morrison. But if you don’t read The Humanity Critic and his Daily Views and Rants and News blog, you are missing a truly brilliant bit of writing. Winner of four Black Weblog Awards this year, the site got my attention by accident and once I got there I found myself stuck to it, digging through the archives and enjoying it more and more. Personal and intimate without brimming with Too Much Information, defiantly male without being macho, sensitive in places, laugh-out-loud funny in others, smart but never smug, this site has become a must-read for me and I advise any peeps into seriously good on-line writing to check it out. I don’t know if homeboy got a book idea in him—maybe something memoir-ish?—but I’m waiting for it to make an appearance soon. You should be too. Til then I guess I’ll occupy myself with his blog.


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