Some People

Quote of the Day; “The sunshine bores the daylights out of me…” – The Rolling Stones, “Rocks Off”

The PhotoShop Around the Corner: Uh, like, who exactly is that on the cover of Lil Kim’s new CD?

Going After J.K.: Now THIS is sorta weird, in a greedy, Muggle sort of way, isn’t it? Considering the band in the film, though, I can’t wait to hear their first CD. (Thanks to Ron at GalleyCat for the news…and congrats to him on his new sorta-regular gig there, and yes, there will still be a…)

Slick Rick: Do you remember when this dude played Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital? He made some good music too, actually, beyond this tuneful anthem of jealousy and envy. As usual John gets Lost in the 80s with a cool tribute


In HUNG news: Had a great conversation about the book with Brian Keith Jackson, a wonderful novelist, which will be a Q&A in New York magazine a coupla weeks from now…had the photo shoot yesterday, which was fun and funny; we tried to use the HUNG promo ruler in a, uh, cool sorta way…HUNG also will be feted as part of Next Magazine’s upcoming NEXTWorks party at Therapy in Manhattan on October 11…More info about that event to come soon.


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