Two New Seasons Begin

Quote of the Day: “Why ponder life’s complexities/When the leather runs smooth/On the passenger seat?… “—The Smiths “This Charming Man”

TV Update: I actually enjoyed Night Stalker, the ABC update of the creepy old primetime thriller, mainly because of the casting. Stuart Townsend (as the modernized Kolchak) and Gabrielle Union are sexy enough to bring me back for more, though the “scare quotient” is gonna have to be raised to keep my attention for long. It’s a post-X-Files world—if you don’t get me to flinch in fright a coupla times during the ep, you ain’t done your job. And don’t start with the “mythology” throughline so quickly—let us to get to know the living characters a bit before hooking us with the whole backstory of Kolchak’s dead wife etc…Okay, how good was Nip/Tuck’s second ep? Nice rumination on masks, and the parts they play in love and sex and redemption games. Great to see Famke Jannsen’s Ava in Matt’s dream sequences. (As you can probably tell, huge Famke J. fan here—I confess to staring at her when I see her at the gym, and I even stopped her on my street recently to tell her how much I loved her on Nip/Tuck. She sorta nodded a thanks, looked at me like, ‘Oh yeh, you’re the creep who stares at me when I’m on the stationary bike’, then kept on walking.) Rough scene between Matt and the transsexual; made the violent and uh, wet, comeuppance all the more tragic and surprising. Oh, yeh, and I love Vanessa Redgrave (have loved her and her sister Lynn ever since my mother told me that not only was Georgy Girl the last movie she saw before she gave birth to me, but that I used to carry around the 45 single of the movie’s cute theme song in my Close N’ Play when I was a little kid. More on that in a future blog…) But Vanessa: who can be so regal and so common at the same time, making that great speech to her confused grandson about sexuality sound so common-sensical. And didn’t she look like she knew what she was doing with the bong?…Biggest surprise of the new season: just how funny the live premiere of Will & Grace was. Jack’s “accident” and Grace’s resultant “cure”…too funny. Even Will made me laugh. And Karen? She may not be the Moral Center of their group, but she most def is the Funniest Bitch On TV. Felt like I was watching some hilarious, topical Norman Lear sitcom (you remember the ones, “taped before a live audience”) from the 70s, not some decrepit, past-its-prime, sitcom warhorse from the 90s. And I gotta say, not only can’t I wait to see him in Elizabethtown and Fun With Dick and Jane, but will somebody please give my Long Island homeboy, the hi-larious Alec Baldwin a sitcom, stat!

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So…my boys did it. They did it the hard way–half the time not knowing who’d be pitching from one game to the next; dealing with injuries and the “media” and Big Daddy Steinbrenner; wondering why Gary ran his mouth to New York magazine etc etc etc–but they did it. Just as I knew they would. The dudes in the pinstripes took it to the Red Sucks and snagged their 8th straight American League East title. I guess it makes sense that I’m sitting here listening to my Pop Tarts Ipod mix, which leads off with “We’ve Only Just Begun” by the Carpenters. The Yankees have just begun, again. And this time, for the first time since 2000, I think they’re gonna take it all the way. It’s about redemption, right? It’s about Giambi coming back full-force from the steroid scandal that plagued him early in the season. It’s about A-Rod getting comfortable in the Big Apple and settling into a groove and starting finally to step the fuck up to the plate. It’s about Jeter feeling the five-year pain of no rings after the first half of a career in which he virtually owned the jewelry store. It’s about Joe Torre and Mel Stottlemyre and Brian Cashman going out on a high. It’s about time, baby.


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