The HUNG Contest

Quote of the Day: “I’m no longer confused but don’t tell anybody/I’m about to break the rules but don’t tell anybody…” — Kanye West, “Graduation Day”

Today was a good day. I got my hands on a real live hardcover copy of my book HUNG. After all these months of sending advance paperback copies to reviewers and friends and family, it was real cool to finally get a copy of the Real Thing. Blurbs on the back from Eve Ensler and Jill Nelson and Toure. The author’s photo by Eugene Bussey ain’t as jacked as I thought it might be (because of me, not him: I hate taking pics). This brotha is excited as hell. Soon the book will be on the tables at Barnes & Noble and available online here and here and other assorted places one can buy books out there in the world.

To celebrate getting my finished book, I’ve decided to have a contest. The winner of the contest will get an autographed copy of HUNG and one of the big beautiful glossy posters of the cover that graced the penthouse space where Courvoisier and Doubleday feted the release of the book. I’ll sign the poster as well. Between today and the official release of HUNG on October 25, there will be two giveaway drawings for an autographed copy of HUNG and one of those hot 24″ x 36″ posters of the book’s cover.

You can enter now by sending an email to,
with your name in the message body and “HUNG Giveaway” in the subject line. A member of TEAM HUNG first suggested that we have entrants tell us who had the biggest, uh, member they’d ever seen, but we decided that might be in bad taste. Fun, indeed, but in bad taste…so we made it a lil easier…

Winners will be randomly selected from the entries and someone from TEAM HUNG—probably me—will shout you out you by email that you’ve won the prize—a prize you’ll really want to keep your eye on, if ya know what I’m sayin’.

There will be two drawings: One on October 11, in honor of the original release date of HUNG and the birthday of someone really dear to me who was very helpful with getting HUNG together. The second drawing will be on October 24, the night before the official release of HUNG. A little birdie tells me that there might be one more drawing somewhere between the two, but that birdie is only chirping right now and my hearing isn’t so good after blasting my iPod all day.

Peep the rules:

1. Ya gotta be at least 18 years old.
2. Autographed books and posters must be shipped to addresses in the U.S.
3. Winners will be notified by e-mail and must supply a mailing address within 5 days.
4. You only need to submit once to be considered. If you don’t win the first you’ll be in the running for one of the others. Only one win per person and per mailing address.
5. Names of winners will be posted on The SPB Q.

Good luck to you and thanks for entering. And thanks for supporting The SPB Q…and HUNG.

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