TV is Good

Quote of the Day: “People like to put the television down/But we are just good friends…” –Talking Heads “Television Man”

Some Q’s about TV: …Wasn’t that a sad ending to a great season of Big Brother? Since I wasn’t an Yvette fan or a Maggie fan, I didn’t really care much who won…But I know this much: I can’t wait for Janelle’s post reality TV life, even if she ends up here (cause you know they’re about to offer her a fistful of dollars) or here; I haven’t loved a bitchy TV blonde this much since this chick and this chick were wrecking shop at the law firm and the ad agency during Fox’s glory days…What’s with the bifurcated Oprah Winfrey shows so far this season? So many stories, too little time? But big ups for her Katrina coverage and donations…Putting one’s money where one’s heart is, indeed…I want to marry Oprah…if Regina King divorces me.

I loved the premiere of Nip/Tuck even if these ridiculous folks think the show is the dirtiest thing since, well, sliced mud. But who the hell is the freaking Carver? (And I already miss Ava.)…And how hot were the previews for the movies coming from Sony this season? (Tho it was hard not to playa-hate the Fun with Dick and Jane trailer, considering I said to my screenwriting partner two years ago, “Hey, man, you know what might be fun? An update of Fun With Dick and Jane”)…I wonder how desperate Alfre Woodard’s character is gonna get to be on Desperate Houswives? Please, Mr. Marc Cherry, I’m beggin’ you: Go there, baby, give one of the best actresses in the world something to do this season, please don’t make her the cliched African American moral center of Wisteria Lane. Let her bitch the other kids out with the best of them. She deserves it and we do, too…

And just cause I’m curious: Uh, ahm, but why is there a Men’s Vogue? (Media Guy Mr. Dumenco has a question about this new Conde Nast title, as well, but I digress…) Like, isn’t there already a Men’s Vogue called GQ? Now a Men’s Harper’s Bazaar, circa the Liz Tilberis/Fabien Baron era? Now that’s a book I’d buy every month… (For the youngsters out there, these two mag covers you see, featuring Naomi and Linda, are from the mid-90s, when Harper’s Bazaar was a white-seamless wonder to behold every month and supermodels were really, like, well, super–Vogue, then–as now–under the Iron Sunglassed Fist of the skinny Brit who hates fat people, could never compare)….

Oh yeh, and by the by, I wonder what Condi Rice thinks about when she looks at those Ferragamo pumps she bought in NYC a coupla weeks ago?


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